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What is the main need for making the successful conveyancing process?

We plan to increase the number of cases determined per employee by a minimum of 5%, whilst reducing the cost per case by a minimum of 5% in real terms, with no reduction in the quality of service provided. With its establishment from 77 local authority units on 1st October 1999, the Rent Service became a Civil Service Organisation. The Agency change programme – which predates the formal launch of the Civil Service Reform agenda – is consistent with the main thrust of Civil Service Reform. Over the coming years, the Agency programme of organisational and cultural change will be closely aligned to the six key themes of Civil Service Reform. At all levels we shall seek to give clarity and sense of direction, seeking to motivate staff to secure challenging objectives. Our Agency values will stand alongside the Civil Service values, but will be reviewed to ensure greater integration. Our 2001/2002-business planning review process involves discussion with all staff attending nationwide workshops.

Prior to the establishment of the Agency, there was no systematic setting of key work objectives (and indeed administrative staff did not have any objectives) and no linkage to overall organisational aims. Our aim is for the Agency’s workforce to reflect the diversity of society at large and the customers with whom we interact. Prior to the creation of the Agency 95% of the Senior Management grade, Chief Rent Officer, were males. people were encouraged to apply and they were briefed on the selection process. This helped improve the representation of female staff to 33% of Area Managers. The Agency is looking to build on this at all levels. find out more: E Conveyancing Melbourne

The Cabinet Office will be developing this area of the reform programme. For the Rent Service, key aspects will be harmonisation of the varying terms and conditions, which staff brought with them on the creation of the Agency. In addition we shall be looking at flexible working so that our staff can enjoy a better work life balance.

The Agency will also provide its staff with modern, more marketable skills with the considerable investment in new IT and in training and development programmes. The Agency has made major strides since it was created in October 1999, particularly in reducing the time it takes to complete rental valuations and improving the consistency of those valuations nation-wide. we focus on continuing to improve the quality of our outputs, and to further modernise the Agency to provide a better, more customer focused service over the coming year and beyond.